Torpoint - Cornwall - A Stress Free Vacation

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Are you preparing yourself for a wonderful vacation? Have you figured out where you will be going yet? We understand that it can be hard to determine the destination for a vacation, but it has to be done. Instead of sitting there throwing your hands up in the air, we would like to help you out a bit with that planning you are trying to do. Have you ever thought about going to Torpoint? Torpoint can be found in the county of Cornwall and it is a very wonderful area. As we continue this article, we would like to give you some fun information about it.

Torpoint can be found sitting on the peninsula right across the River Tamar. A ferry connects Devon with Cornwall. Torpoint first became a town during the nineteenth century, but there are still some historical sites to see. Before it was a town, the nearby village of Antony was known for being the main habitation area. However, as mentioned in the Domesday Book, there has always been families that lived beside the river.

Close to this town, you are going to come across a wonderful stretch of water. This stretch of water is known as St John's Lake. However, there are certain times during the year when it dries out as the tide goes down. Next to the sailing club in the area, you will find Ballest Pond. During the yachting season, races are held in this pond. The races can be very fun and exciting for one to watch.

This town may not be ranked as being a holiday resort, but we believe it is a wonderful place to go for a vacation. So, as you are planning your next wonderful vacation, we highly recommend you putting Torpoint down on that list as it will give you the stress relief that you have been in need of for all of those months.

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Torpoint - Cornwall - A Stress Free Vacation

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This article was published on 2010/04/02