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There are some countries, such as Jordan, where the contrasts of landscapes will leave you with your mouth open. October is ideal for traveling in this place, with temperatures in the northern reaches 20 degrees Celsius, even a little more, in the Red Sea and near the Wadi Rum desert. The most popular places to visit on a mini-vacation for a weekend or even a larger one are Roman ruins at Jerash, Madaba Mosaic homes or try a swim in the Dead Sea.


Seychelles, an island state, is one of the last refuges of the Earth conquered by people. A population in Oceania and Southeast Arabia and Arabs were the first who visited the islands in East Africa but without establishing colonies in this part of the world. In Aldabra you will find the largest population of Aldabra tortoises (Dipsochelys dussumieri) with over 150,000 wild copies. Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago. Also, here is the city of Victoria, capital of Seychelles, with a population of 25,000 out of 84,000 inhabitants of this country.


The second largest city in France, Marseille is located in old and famous Provence. Marseille is in 2013 the European Capital of Culture, so here are organized many festivals, music events and theater arts. Not to be missed Calanques National Park, located at the edge of town, where you will see lagoons, cliffs, beaches, and dolphins, turtles and rare birds.

The best periods to visit are June-August Marseilles for the beaches, from April to May and September to October, when temperatures are more pleasant and less tourists.

Singapore Botanical Garden

In Southeast Asia, Singapore is the discordant note. It is an elegant, sophisticated and lush area. Botanical Garden makes no exception, being considered one of the finest in the world. It was build in 1859 on an area of ​​52 hectares and is divided into three sections.


Port of Thessaloniki will surely delight you, with ancient Byzantine and Ottoman relics. Thessaloniki is a city that combines art and culture to nightlife, so more and more young people choose to spend their vacation here. July-August is the busiest period, while June and September can be a good option for quieter vacations. Thessaloniki International Film Festival is held here every November.

At the border with Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia is Malawi, which is also called "lake of stars". The region is known for its unreal lakes, dusty roads, corn fields, baobab trees and all natural beauties that Nyika National Park can hide.

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Impressive Places To Visit

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Impressive Places To Visit

This article was published on 2013/10/21