Getting it Right in your Travel as a Single

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Travelling as a single and solo travel are two things that sound similar but demand and imply different things altogether. The differences lie mostly in what you ought to expect in as far as the conduct of the trip is concerned. Travelling solo means that you can expect to be an oddity among coupled people and even if the cruise you use caters for singles as well, you cannot expect to partake in their organised programmes and festivities. It is therefore important to make the correct decisions and arrangements in terms of bookings as well as packing of luggage in order to make the most of your trip and money.

Booking to Travel as a Single

Though travelling solo can be fun for experienced people, it is much smarter to go for travel for singles for a number of reasons. 

  • You are guaranteed to meet other singles on the cruise
  • A host of singles activities
  • A familiarisation cocktail party is hosted on the day of sailing
  • There are games designed to get people together such as group dining, 1 minute dating, planned excursions to the shores
  • Every activity has coordinators that ensure it is tailored in the best way possible for singles.

It has to be noted that issues to do with finding a cabin partner are completely up to your discretion and no cruise company bears any responsibility for your choices.  Should you opt to do without a cabin partner, the only downside is that you may have to pay for the vacant bed. This is not a universal occurrence however as a number of cruises now host cabins designed specifically for occupation by an individual.

Packing of Luggage

When embarking on travel for singles, never forget to be presentable and to make the best impression especially the first time. It is common knowledge that most travellers will be hoping to meet someone special in one way or the other. After packing all the necessary gear of your choice, make sure to pack some change clothes, toothbrush, shaving machine or make-up kit in your carry bag to enable you to freshen up at the port of departure. This is especially true if you can’t arrive early. Arriving early such as a day before departure has a couple of benefits.

  • You get to check in time rested, relaxed, freshened and wearing clean clothes.
  • You get to see the local scenery
  • You get a head start in mingling and making acquaintances
  • You don’t get to worry about the possibility of your luggage arriving late for the cruise
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Getting it Right in your Travel as a Single

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Getting it Right in your Travel as a Single

This article was published on 2013/09/17