A Case for Beach Holidays in the Monsoon!

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Browsing through the newspaper dailies, one is subjected to a barrage of happenings that are way too unsavoury for our own good! Not a day goes by without news of impending doom, examples of the depravity of human nature and the greed of that filthy crop of people called politicians!

This is why; it is said that blessed are the people that have a workplace environment which serves as a protective cocoon from the strife that goes on outside. However, as much as we love being there, for the air-conditioning, high-speed internet access and numerous avenues to sate our junk-food cravings, there is a limit for how long we can be there.

Eventually, we all need a break from it all and I’d say that there’s no better season than the monsoons for some R&R. A holiday during the rains is pure bliss. The temperature is comfortable enough. Most days, it doesn’t rain that heavily as to force people to stay indoors. Frankly speaking though, there is just way too much lush greenery waiting to be explored.

But if you’re like me who likes to do things different, then it is likely that you’ll nod your head in agreement when I say that beach holidays in the monsoon are a terrific combination. Some of the reasons why one should be kicked about the idea are:

The vast, natural coastline that the nation is blessed with is just too tempting an invitation to ignore.

Most of the usual crowds make a bee-line for the hills and prefers to chase down waterfalls; which is not a bad idea in the first place (but that in itself is worth a dedicated discussion some other time). So, the beaches are usually quite deserted and one can have the entire place to themselves.

In most places, monsoon time is considered to be an off-season. Hence, everything from accommodation to food & beverage is available at rates that are significantly lower. This means that one can take off on a holiday while still keeping the monthly spends in check. Not just this, but visitor attractions too are available for exploration at a leisurely pace, unlike the usual jostling about that goes on when the crowds are thronging everywhere.

The biggest savings though happen in the travel booking domain. Operators across multiple means of transport go all out in wooing potential customers. There are great deals available to those who play it smart and look in all the right places.

The tour operator segment has really opened up its doors to monsoon tourism in recent years. More often than not, they run a tight ship and take over the nitty-gritty of planning the trip. This has really benefitted travellers who are either hamstrung on the time factor or who prefer someone else taking over the hassle of organizing things. From pre-arranged packages, to crafting trips that are customized to the individual requirements, down to the very last detail, and everything in between, there really is nothing that you cannot find here.

All that needs to do though is pick a beach to go!

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A Case for Beach Holidays in the Monsoon!

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A Case for Beach Holidays in the Monsoon!

This article was published on 2013/07/26